Lila Lust

La lussuria… nei colori, negli abbinamenti, nei sapori. Con questa ricetta entriamo a pieno titolo nelle preparazioni simbolo della cucina gourmet contemporanea. Acquerello è l’ingrediente perfetto, con un chicco che regala le sue note al piatto e assorbe contemporaneamente il colore purpureo della barbabietola, gli accenti superlativi dell’aceto di lampone, l’abbraccio della mantecatura del Parmigiano […]

Purple Sins MINI

Lavishness….in the colors, combinations and flavors. This recipe truly represents contemporary gourmet cuisine. Acquerello rice is the perfect ingredient, with its grains that give the dish its flavor and, at the same time, absorbs the beets’ crimson color, the superb emphasis of the raspberry vinegar, the connection with the creamy Parmigiano and the sensorial explosion […]

Red Buffalo

Christian wanted to include HIS pasta with tomato sauce…and how can we blame him? This recipe couldn’t possibly be excluded from our Collection. But it’s not like any other pasta with tomato sauce. It all starts from an exclusive recipe, that of Achille’s Sauce, able to capture the same intense aromas that invaded kitchens of […]

His Majesty The White Truffle

With this recipe Christian introduces us into the aristocracy of the Piedmontese cuisine: an intense and surprising mix of flavors and aromas of the famous Tartufo Bianco di Alba (Tuber Magnatum Pico) “White Truffle of Alba” and the esteemed Tartufo Nero (Tuber Melanosporum) “Black Truffle”. The natural White Truffle is immersed into an exquisite butter […]

U’ Bacciuga

U’ Bacciuga, a name that combines this dish’s two main ingredients: (Baccala’) Codfish and (Acciuga) Anchovy. This is a recipe in which very many sensations are experienced in a distinct manner through each raw ingredient utilized by Christian. Codfish, Ligurian olives, potatoes and scallions are the elements of an incomparable sensorial journey between water and […]